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Brief Definition: Dreamwork can provide a direct connection to the unconscious. Working with dreams in a therapeutic setting, whether one on one or in a group format, can be a very safe and effective way of moving deeper into the unconscious. Dreams can provide extraordinary insight when integrated with, Yoga, Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Massage Therapy, Homeopathy, and many other types of energy and holistic healing.

The New England Dreamwork Institute
The New England Dreamwork Institute provides three levels of certificate training programs ranging from introductory to advanced courses.

Whether you are a professional dreamworker who has worked with dreams for years or are just beginning to look at your dreams for the first time, these programs will fit your needs. Our goal is to provide curriculums oriented towards Jungian based dreamwork while exploring the vast variety of other forms of dreamwork and how we can integrate them into our personal as well as professional lives. Throughout the program, students will be exploring their own dreams, both one on one and with others in a group setting.

The curriculum includes weekend intensives held three times a year plus internet practicums, and home study in between intensive weekends. We provide a one year Dreamworker program for those interested in just learning more about dreams and dreamwork. We then offer a two-year Dream Practitioner program for a deeper study of dreamwork and then there is an advanced three year Dream Specialist program for a specialized advanced study of dreams and dreamwork that is designed around the student's individual style of dreamwork they want to specialize in.

We can provide CEU credits to those interested in continuing education credits. The weekend intensives will be held at the beautiful Northfield Mount Herman Campus in the Berkshire mountains of Northfield Massachusetts. There are single and double occupancy rooms available right on the site where we hold the intensive. We can provide all home-cooked meals which are prepared on-site.

For more information, faculty listings and a complete program description, visit our website at www.dragon-heart.com


For an Excellent Overview of Dreamwork : Please visit the information page of the New England Dreamwork Institute.


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