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Are Online Courses Right for You?

The Benefits...

Have you ever wanted to take a class, but couldn't manage your schedule or the school was just too far away to travel? Online education is your answer.

Online education allows you to take courses when and where you want using your own computer. Karma-Net brings the best holistic courses from schools all over the world directly to your computer.

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*   Flexible schedule:  Now you can learn anytime you have the urge!  You don't need to wait until the next semester starts, or look for the right class time to fit your schedule.


*   No commute:  If you spend 30 minutes each way to get to your school twice a week, you could be spending over 100 hours per year just driving around!  Wouldn't you rather spend this time on self-improvement or career advancement?  Online courses allow you to stay at home, or wherever you feel comfortable - as long as there's Internet access.  Even if you are on the road, you don't have to miss your class!


*   Personal attention:  You may have attended a conference or lecture where you were one of 300 people in the room.  You wished that you could ask a personal question, but were afraid to speak up in such a large crowd.  Or you may have attended a smaller class, but the instructor was too busy "teaching" and wasn't paying much attention to you.  Online courses bring back the "good-old" classroom learning experience by allowing more personal attention from the instructor and also a less intimidating environment in which to communicate with other students.


*   Efficiency:  With an online course, it is almost as if you are receiving personal instruction.  You can spend as much or as little time as is needed to complete each lesson.  If you know the subject well, you may spend less time on that particular topic.  If you have questions, you can always visit the discussion forum to find answers, or do additional research on the Internet.  It provides you with an efficient learning environment!


What's the difference between courses held entirely online, correspondence courses, tapes/videos and CD-ROM courses?


*   Each of the formats listed above have their own advantages. Many courses even make use of a combination of the above.


* Right Now!:  Generally, courses that are held entirely online can be started sooner than other formats. However, if you're not in a big rush to get started immediately, courses that make use of an online campus, in conjunction with text books or other materials are also worth waiting for. In may cases, you can get started in that type of course within several days.


*   Interactive Experience:  A big benefit to courses that are either entirely online, or at least make use of an online campus system, is the degree of interactivity available. Many correspondence courses, tapes/videos or CD-ROM formats provide one-way learning.  You read or listen to the course, do your assignments, and mail them upon completion of the course.  Many times it is unclear to whom you should direct your questions or who grades your work!  You would never have a chance to discuss your course work or questions with other students.  In a good online course that makes use of an online campus system (such as the BBI/Karma-Net System) you would have personal interaction with your instructor.  You can also communicate with other students in discussion forum and support each other throughout the course.


*   Always Up-To-Date:  Knowledge is ever evolving - it seems like everyday, there are new discoveries that sometimes contradict previous belief.  Do you know how "old" your course material is?  Schools that use a good online campus system to present their material can now update any course content or supplemental materials as they see fit, and you will always see the latest information!


Edited March 2005

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