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(above) A view of the Great Buddha from beyond the gate.

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(above) Ticket Stub from Kamakura Statue

The Great Buddha

This bronze statue of Amita Buddha was cast in 1252 A.D. by the sculptors Ono-Goroemon and Tanji-Hisatomo at the request of Miss Idanono-Tsubone and Priest Joko, who not only originated the idea of building this large statue and the temple covering it, but also collected donations for it. In 1498, a tidal wave swept away the great temple of the Buddha, leaving only the foundation stones. In the 500 years since then, the holy statue has been exposed to sunshine, storms, and snow. The latest repair was done in 1960- 1961, to strengthen the Buddha's neck and to make it possible for the Buddha's body to move freely on the base to prevent a damaging shock to the statue in case of an earthquake. The statue is 13.35 meters tall, and weighs 121 tons. Kotokuin

(photo on right) It's a bit hard to tell from this photo, but there are actually windows in the back of the statue!
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(photo on left) This is a photo from the inside of the statue looking up toward the head. Note the repair along the neck line.



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