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Holistic Medicine

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Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine just makes sense...

When in comes to Holistic Medicine, traditional medical doctors sometimes seem to think they have all the answers - mainly that they're right and holistic medicine is pure fantasy. Maybe that's what they're taught in medical school - to be overly confident in their education. Yes, modern medicine does work wonders, but it's also incomplete. Medicine is, after all, a science - and every generation seems to think they've got a handle on it. Who was it that said there was nothing left to discover in science - back at the end of the 19th century?

I think we all know that there is so much we don't know about ourselves, our physiology, the purpose of life and the energies that surround us throughouot the Universe - AND the scientific approach of discounting and ridiculing things that don't fit into the current trendy theory is one that has no place with the rest of us. Does denying everything that is not provable by current understanding make sense? No way. That's like denying the Earth is round, just because we can't get high enough to see for ourselves that it's a sphere.

We all know that the Universe holds unimaginable realities. Realities that are exponentially more amazing than anything us humans can imagine or comprehend on our own. I'm talking here ablut the really "little" loose ends like where our Universe ends, what's on the other side of it and the real degree of our physical smallness.

While some of those lingering questions can be pondered scientifically, they'll never be answered definitively with science. In my opinion, these are concepts that can only be considered within the realm of inner space - where all truths exist - whether or not science says so.

While I've drifted a little off the subject of Holistic Medicine, I think we can use this scientific / metaphysical conflict to better illustrate the real point of holistic medicine. The holistic approach looks at us humans as a complex being, comprised of mind, body and spirit. Sure, you can treat one component and see some results -- but it's when all are in balance that humans are in a natural equilibrium and at peace with the Universe, of which we are all a part.

And while traditional medical doctors have a decent handle on the basics of what makes our bodies function, their understanding of holistic medicine and the connection between body, mind and spirit is non-existent, or dismal at best. As we mentioned earlier, just because something is not understood or recognized scientifially does not mean it doen't exist.

Just the other day, for example, I was watching CNN and a Harvard researcher was being interviewed about her findings of the benefits of meditation on overall neurological health and well-being. Guess what? The scientists now say meditation is actually good for you - thanks for that! Now that you say it's ok, I guess it's not a new age waste of time anymore! The benefits were always there, of course. We didn't need a university to make it so. But that's the state of things in the world today. We place much too much authority on our scientists and medical doctors - while the better apporach would be the opposite - view science and modern medicine with a healthy skepticism. Why? Well, because the truth has always been there. it was there 100 million years ago, it will be there 100 million years from now and it's there right now. And while science will continue to vascillate bewteen this theory and that theory - the truth remains, no matter what the current trend.

In my opinion, it's important to learn to listen to our mind, body and spirit - taken together, you may realize the natural holistic synergy that represents the underlying truth of our selves. That, to me is what holistic medicine is all about - an understanding that mind, body and spirit must be addressed together to realize holistic health and wellness. One where our entire being is balanced and healthy.

About the author: Karma-Net, a long-running web destination dealing with holistic health, metaphysics. This article may be reprinted by permission only. Please contact Karma-Net for reprint guidlines for this article.

This article is not meant to offer advice, diagnose, identify or treat any disease or condition. Always consult your medical doctor for medical advice and treatment.

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Common definitions for Holistic Medicine are similar to the one quoted below from Wikipedia's Holistic Medicine page:

Holistic health is a non-medical philosophy of well-being that considers the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected and balanced. Advocates of the holistic health philosophy typically seek or use a wide variety of alternative practices, the most common of which include acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, and homeopathy.

Advocates of alternative holistic medicine often employ the use of the holistic health philosophy to claim that conventional medicine does not address the needs of the patient as a whole. Supporters of conventional medical practices dispute that claim and point to certain trends within conventional medicine that could also be described as "holistic", such as wellness programs focusing on whole-body health programs of nutrition, exercise, and preventive care.

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