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Greek Gods and Goddesses

The myths of the ancient Greeks tell us what the people of ancient Greece thought about their world. They believed there were many gods and that those gods controlled the universe. They also believed that all of nature including the trees, mountains, rivers, and rocks either were or contained gods or goddesses.

The Greeks also believed that the gods and goddesses were not very different from human beings. They were just another family. Zeus was the father, Hera the mother, and there were various relatives. Zeus's stormy brother Poseidon, god of the sea, sometimes lived in a splendid palace underneath the blue ocean. Zeus's other brother, Hades, did not live on Olympus, but rather was the god of the underworld. Zeus's sister, Demeter, was goddess of the harvest. Zeus's third sister, Hestia, was the goddess of the hearth and home. These stories about Olympian gods and goddesses reflect the human world of Greece--its understanding of nature, it's personal relationships and its wars.

Greek Myths are all that's left of the ancient Greek religion.
The oldest myths can be traced to three main sources: Homer, Hesiod and The Homeric Hymns, circa 800 b.c.e. That means that by the time they were written down, these works had survived 400 years of additions, subtractions and mutations to finally become the versions we now call 'authentic'.


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